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what we do

We connect your business to customer's hearts

Damascode – Digital Agency is a global digital agency based in Seixal, Portugal.

We create engaging digital ideas, products and experiences that connect brands to consumers’ hearts.
We belive that behind every major success is a strategy that envolves the tree G’s: Great quality, great design and great marketing.

Our mission is to assist clients worldwide with digital transformation of your businesses by providing the most innovative, efficient and value-added solutions.

Tireless and great professionals. A successful company and great partners!

João Ferreira

CEO, Vinhos Toscano

Trust, professionalism and talent are the three words I choose to describe this team.

Daniel Adrião

Political activist and CEO Educanology.

Great BNI and business partners. Hard work, honesty, commitment, it’s always great to work with Damascode.

João Silvestre

CEO, Extra-cabos

I’m very happy with the development of the work and the “tips” that are given by those who know in this case DAMASCODE. Great professionalism and ethics in everything they do.

Maria Isabel dos Santos

CEO, Revista Segurança

We work with the best brands

We work with the best brands

Lets grow together!


Portugal —
R. da Escola Nº 2, 2840-169 Arrentela

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